MindBlowing Tree of Life Breastfeeding Art! #TreeofLife

MindBlowing Tree of Life Breastfeeding Art! #TreeofLife

Breastfeeding Tree of Life images are MIND BLOWING!!!

Yes indeed. But how these moms made these stunning pieces of art possible? Have you seen them? I am sure you have! Here, I am sharing a few with you. Mamas have become experts at using the PicsArt Application on their phones and I believe millions on social media sites love them! We could not resist admiring them when a couple of colleagues and friends shared their art with us. The Normalize Breastfeeding project, The Leaky Boob, Breastfeeding Mama Talk communities along with Occupy Breastfeeding and Best for Babes Foundation all jumped on sharing with their millions of mom followers and so pieces like these have gone viral!

My colleague Cyndi Garcia says: “As a breastfeeding advocate for close to 7 years and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC, I have passionately worked to do my part to help promote and normalize breastfeeding in my community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This week has filled me with joy and excitement to see that this app has gone viral because it has allowed many moms to have the courage and be proud to share on social media their breastfeeding artwork! No, it’s not sexual it’s the most natural and beautiful work piece of art. I hope social media might be the key to promoting awareness to our current generation. So, we can all help build an atmosphere for our future generations of moms where they can feel safe from judgment and feel confident to feed their babies anywhere anytime without the fear to cover up or go hide in a different room.”

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One of our Pretty Mama Breastfeeding Advocate and friends, Brenda Figueroa shares one of a kind piece of art breastfeeding her newborn here! She says “Our breastfeeding journey has been the most empowering experience. It is about determination, patience, and love. A true blessing!”

Another of our #breastfeeding #lactation #humanmilk friends and colleague, Rachael Birkenhauer – Founder/Owner at Lactation Counseling Services in the beautiful Wilmington North Carolina area, shared with us her breastfeeding art as well. Nursing her baby daughter! (above right)


So Thankful to: Cyndi Garcia, Sunny Wang, Brenda Figueroa, Rachael Birkenhauer, Amy Barron Smolinski and Vanessa Simmons for breastfeeding your children and being our Pretty Mama Breastfeeding beauties of the year!

For more info on the App, see YouTube video with instructions https://youtu.be/zvjAO1tlcew and visit PicsArt website https://picsart.com/blog/post/creating-treeoflife-brelfie-picsart/ Breastfeeding is health, healing, female power, mental & emotional health for both the mom and children. Human Milk saves lives and it is irreplaceable! We women are powerful human beings. We give life and nurture life. Thank you for breastfeeding.

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