“Liz Chang has been so amazingly awesome in my breastfeeding experience. From the first time I spoke to her on the phone, her voice and words were so comforting and welcoming. I have searched many years to find a consultant local to me. I come from a mother who was a lactation consultant all my life. I was always used to the support and comfort of being around other women who breastfed their babies. When I moved to Easton, PA, I was sad that there were no circles of support close to me. I searched for many years for someone who had the same passion and love for moms and their babies as my mom did with all the women she supported, and I have found that in Liz Chang! She is so supportive,┬ácaring, honest, and genuine. It is amazing the passion and drive she has for all that she does. The time she sacrifices is invaluable. I trust her fully. My prayer is that her love attracts more women to her because the support, love, and knowledge she has to give is amazing! Even though breastfeeding is not new to me, the comfort she provides me in my journey with my 3rd child is so heartwarming. I want to say thank to her, and even after my breastfeeding journey ends I know I have found a true friend.”┬áMoriah S.