“Liz is an amazing person and lactation professional. She is very kind, knowledgeable, driven, hard working, and compassionate. But I feel what stands out the most with Liz is her strong passion about breastfeeding. There is no doubt that this topic┬átouches the core of who she is. It is her fire, it is her light. That is evident by how much time, effort, and energy she puts into her breastfeeding support group, her website, and into the mothers she helps. She is truly genuine about giving mothers the information and support they need to succeed on their breastfeeding journey. In essence, she gives people hope, courage, faith, and lights the end of the dark tunnel they have been struggling in, and says, ‘I’m here for you, and you can do it.’ Her support is so vast and kind because she truly understands and believes in the power of breastfeeding and the power of women.”┬áMichelle A.