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In-Home Counseling

Liz offers Telehealth consultations and travels around Silicon Valley – Bay Area – to provide
you and your family with the most comfortable care possible

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Virtual Telehealth

Our HIPAA-compliant virtual
option was designed with the
busy mom in mind

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Have a baby on the way?
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Office Counseling

We come to your office and assist you!

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Is your organization looking to add
Women’s Educational Services?
Hire Pretty Mama Breastfeeding

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Liz is an experienced Certified Lactation Counselor/Feeding Specialist. She brings her vast expertise to you as she travels
to your home (Silicon Valley Bay Area California) and solves breastfeeding problems through Telehealth nationwide. Read her story here

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Client Testimony: Breastfeeding Counseling

Hear about a Pretty Mama Breastfeeding client’s positive experience with Liz. In-home visits, follow-ups over the phone… PMB is here to support your journey through every step.

How to Promote Latching

Liz speaks with a Pretty Mama Breastfeeding client and shares the most important latching tips. Visit prettymb.org to book your first at-home, or virtual, counseling session. We can’t wait to

Pumping when Working

Liz speaks with a Pretty Mama Breastfeeding client and shares tips on how to keep breast milk production up, and maintain a breastfeeding schedule, when you return to work.

Virtual Counseling

Pretty Mama Breastfeeding offers virtual counseling along with at-home visits. Whatever you need- we provide. Visit prettymb.org to schedule your first session today!

Hire Liz Chang for all of your Lactation education needs

Certified Lactation Counselor with the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice
United States Breastfeeding Committee Leader (2018-2019)
Women’s Health and Wellness Hero (2015)