“Liz Chang , thanks to you my baby and I have an awesome breastfeeding relationship! Baby is now 4 1/2 months and going strong. I am glad I requested your help as I needed the reassurance in what I was doing was right. I am just happy baby is getting what he needs and growing strong!”

Lea V.

“Thank you Liz Chang for your support and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without wonderful people like you! Still going strong 15 months later! Proud to say I pump at work several times and nurse her during the night. We co-sleep and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Ana Z.

“Since I have met Liz Chang at this year’s National Breastfeeding event she has been beyond supportive and has helped with gaining even more support from immediate family members as well. She is definitely hands on with figuring out ways to help and improve the breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby. She reassured me that I am doing a great job and thanks to you Liz, we are going on 9 months strong with a now new great pediatrician who not only understands the importance of breastfeeding but also took the time to hear our concerns without assuming something was wrong with my supply. You truly are an amazing woman and you’re the support a lot of new moms and breastfeeding moms need. I am so glad to have met you! Thank you so much.”

Jimeika B.

“Liz Chang you are God sent! Thank you so much for your guidance, knowledge, and most of all your love. I was afraid and clueless on how to help my daughter and granddaughter and I never imagined that you could respond so quickly, much less that so much could be accomplished in such a short time. Thank you again.”

Christina J.

“Liz! My baby will be 1 on the 22nd and still breastfeeding like a champ! Thanks to you I didn’t give up and now it’s a breeze!!.”

Tiffany O.

“Liz has been amazing and I love the support and encouragement she has given me to continue nursing my son. We have had many great conversations and she has always been quick to respond and very helpful. If you need help/advice on lactation, Liz at Pretty Mama Breastfeeding is the one to go to!!”

Nina W.

“I want to take my time, to say thank you to Liz Chang for all her breastfeeding support. I been nursing my gorgeous baby Jeremiah now 6 months 100% and plan on doing it until he is 1 yr old. As his getting older it gets harder because he started solids but with great support like Liz Chang a text and phone call away an email away she is able to encourage me and motivate me to continue and not give up with all her answers motivations and information given to me. Helps me so much. Thank God for her.”

Edith S.

“Liz is an amazing person and lactation professional. She is very kind, knowledgeable, driven, hard working, and compassionate. But I feel what stands out the most with Liz is her strong passion about breastfeeding. There is no doubt that this topic touches the core of who she is. It is her fire, it is her light. That is evident by how much time, effort, and energy she puts into her breastfeeding support group, her website, and into the mothers she helps. She is truly genuine about giving mothers the information and support they need to succeed on their breastfeeding journey. In essence, she gives people hope, courage, faith, and lights the end of the dark tunnel they have been struggling in, and says, ‘I’m here for you, and you can do it.’ Her support is so vast and kind because she truly understands and believes in the power of breastfeeding and the power of women.”

Michelle A.

“Liz Chang has been so amazingly awesome in my breastfeeding experience. From the first time I spoke to her on the phone, her voice and words were so comforting and welcoming. I have searched many years to find a consultant local to me. I searched for many years for someone who had the same passion and love for moms and their babies as my mom did with all the women she supported, and I have found that in Liz Chang! She is so supportive, caring, honest, and genuine. It is amazing the passion and drive she has for all that she does. The time she sacrifices is invaluable. I trust her fully. My prayer is that her love attracts more women to her because the support, love, and knowledge she has to give is amazing! Even though breastfeeding is not new to me, the comfort she provides me in my journey with my 3rd child is so heartwarming. I want to say thank to her, and even after my breastfeeding journey ends I know I have found a true friend.”

Moriah S.

“I met Liz when I went to a preschool fair for my daughter. I think it was God’s work that I walked over to the lady there promoting breastfeeding. That was the day my life became less stressful. I was then pregnant with my now 4 month old, and I never knew that I would need help with breastfeeding, especially seeing as I already breastfed my daughter for 13 months without knowing that there were support groups out there to help. Liz has truly been a rock for me to lean on. I remember the first time I reached out to her on Facebook. She was so supportive. I was having a melt down and wanted that support. I think God spoke to me and I had a flashback of that lady (Liz) that I met a few months back. I emailed her and asked about her group. In a minute I got a response from her and she asked me, ‘Is there something I can help you with?’ That was the beginning of a great relationship. Every time I have a meltdown or issue with breastfeeding and I reach out to Liz, no matter how late it is, she is there for me. She gives me the most important thing that moms out here need, support. Even if I don’t have a question, I will get a email or a text from Liz asking me if I am okay, and I cannot thank God and Liz enough for all the help I have gotten. She has truly been a blessing to me, my husband, kids and, I am sure, to all the other mothers out there that she is helping.”

Nardea W.

“I was introduced to Liz through a mutual friend who was aware of my struggles to breastfeed with my first two children. At the time I was pregnant with my third, and trying to do everything I could to make breastfeeding successful. From our first conversation, Liz was sympathetic and eager to help. She was always sharing information and research with the group and provided some helpful information about practices such as early skin-to-skin contact. When it became apparent that I had a condition called Hypoplasia, Liz learned everything she could about my condition and even got me in contact with another professional who offered her support. Although this condition, again, prevented me from exclusively breastfeeding my son, I did have a much more enjoyable experience and stuck with breastfeeding longer, knowing I had support and encouragement any time I needed it with Liz and the support group. I am proud to say that I breastfed for six and a half months! I couldn’t never made it that far without the support of Liz. I highly recommend Liz and her support group to any mom who is on the journey of breastfeeding.”

Christine F.

“Liz Chang is such a blessing in more ways than one. She is so reassuring, helpful, encouraging, and is always there to help out in any way she can. I still call her with questions as they arise, and attend her wonderful group meetings. She makes you feel comfortable and confident about breastfeeding. She’s your biggest cheerleader! I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with Breastfeeding.”

Jaime R.

“There were many times when we called and emailed Liz Chang because we ran into a number of breastfeeding issues. She was able to provide us with the most amazing assistance at very stressful times. I had oversupply issues and did not know how to handle it. She helped us and we were able to manage things. Thanks to Liz Chang.”

Clarissa P.

“I met Liz Chang at a local event when I was just a few months pregnant. At that time I was just looking to get more information about breastfeeding. Mrs. Chang was so helpful that I will always be grateful for her guidance and assistance. My son was born premature and when it was time for us to call her she immediately visited us and was able to help by giving me ton of support. Our family has great admiration for all she does for others.”

Taylor F.